The New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation (NY Alliance) is New York’s trustworthy resource for effective advocacy, careful analysis, state and national information exchange and networking opportunities, innovative trainings, and specialized technical assistance for organizations supporting and improving the lives of people with disabilities. The New York Alliance offers six types of membership for organizations and individuals. 

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    #1 A Comprehensive Network for Community And Cultivating Of Partnerships
    Opportunities to exchange experiences, learn from colleagues, and nimbly adapt to an ever-complex environment. This provides opportunities for members to both learn and teach. These opportunities take place in committees, workgroups, regional meetings, webinars, and conferences.

    #2 Core Values of Integrity, Inclusion and People First
    Community: We foster choice and independence in diverse, inclusive communities, and also inspire creativity and innovation, where people thrive and succeed.
    Leadership: We will build strong coalitions and engage key stakeholders to advocate for all people with disabilities, shape sound public policies which respond to people’s needs and support initiatives which advance positive, high quality outcomes.
    Collaboration: We will purposely develop strategic alliances to ensure that people with disabilities and all stakeholders embrace a truly person-centered system of supports and services.
    Integrity: We believe responsible words and actions should be held to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect and professionalism.
    Equality: We value the rights of all people by fostering equal and fair treatment, respecting ideas and personal values and embracing diversity.

    #3 Influence of A Large, Comprehensive & Diverse Association of Disability Service Agencies 
    - We have a presence in NYS and nationally.
    - Access to established supports, resources, consultants, experts and policy makers.

    #4 Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts on Current and Emerging Key Issues

    • Managed Care Preparedness and Technical Assistance
    • Housing Navigator
    • Person Centered Thinking and Planning
    • Employment and Career Development Initiatives
    • Data System Project Development
    • Behavioral Health Services
    • Self-Directed Services
    • Direct Support Professional Workforce
    • Supported Decision Making
    • Assistive Technology


    #5 Alliance with Policy Makers on Key Issues
    - Deeply connected and respected in Albany; regularly a “go-to” resource for policy makers.
    - Active involvement at the Federal, State and Regional levels.

    #6 Catalyst in State Decision Making Process
    Highly effective advocacy on budget, legislative, regulatory and policy matters on state and federal level.

    #7 Development of Emerging Leaders
    - Succession Planning, Training and Development.
    - Network development opportunities.

    #8 Technical Assistance to Advance Knowledge
    Offering high-level, cutting edge information, research, analysis and other resources to promote best practices and innovative trends.

    #9 Cost-Saving Access to Conferences and Products And Services
    Build rewarding and mutually beneficial relationships by participating in one of the NY Alliance partner opportunities.

    #10 Access to Certifications and Continuing Educational Units
    - Continuous advanced learning opportunities promoting member agency success.
    - Deeper learning on various topics, i.e. diabetes, social work, broker services, license mental health counselors.