Webinar: The Importance of Social Relationships

    April 14, 2021
    10:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT
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    Presented by: Susan Scharoun, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology Department, Le Moyne College

    People who have positive social relationships report greater happiness, fewer health problems and live longer. The quality of relationships is important. Positive social connections are a great source of pleasure and when we need it most, they buffer us against the stresses of everyday life and crises. 

    Many people with developmental disabilities often have limited social connections outside of their family and caregivers. It is not enough to simply bring people together. Many people with a disability need help with establishing a meaningful relationship and keeping it.

    This webinar will focus on helping participants to understand the elements of social relationships and address ways to overcome obstacles to forming them. Many care providers want to help people develop significant social relationships but need help themselves in developing a plan to do so.  

    Caregivers that provide support services can do different things to make opportunities available and teach people the skills to make it happen. This presentation will explore the different ways that people with a disability can be assisted in this endeavor.  

    Specifically, this presentation will provide an overview of the areas of focus important in working on these skills, and strategies and techniques to improve them.

    About the Presenter: Dr. Susan Scharoun has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Syracuse University. After graduating from S.U., she received a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) post-doctoral fellowship to do brain research in the Department of Anatomy and Center for Brain Research at the University of Rochester Medical School.

    Dr. Scharoun was employed by NYS Office of People with a Developmental Disability as an Associate Psychologist and Treatment Team Leader for seventeen years before becoming a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Le Moyne College, where she was the chair of the department for over a decade.

    Her research interests include autism and addressing challenging behaviors with positive behavioral support. Dr. Scharoun has taught courses such as Brain and Behavior, Childhood Disorders, Human Lifespan Development, Motivation and Emotion, Personality Theory, Human Lifespan Development, The Psychology of Disabilities and Health Psychology. She is a consultant psychologist for several not-for-profit agencies that serve children and adults with developmental disabilities.

    Dr. Scharoun is on the Board of Directors of ARC of Onondaga and is the co-author of the e-publication of Dual Diagnosis, A Caregiver’s Guide. Dr. Scharoun is a sibling of a person with a developmental disability and a strong advocate for families.


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