Webinar: Inclusion for All: Communication Strategies Across the Spectrum!

    April 30, 2019
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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    Inclusion for All: Communication Strategies Across the Spectrum!

    People with developmental or intellectual disabilities may and do experience hearing and vision loss. Some may also be deaf-blind, having a combined vision and hearing loss.  How can we assure that any one who is experiencing these life challenges can still have an inclusive life – participate in activities with peers, communicate their desires and angst, make known their wishes and wants when perhaps they have limited or no formal communication skills and or limited or no vision and hearing.

    Join this interactive webinar to learn how people described above can and will communicate if staff and peers that know them and or support them know how to “converse” with them.  This presentation will discuss and provide an overview of alternate communication strategies and systems for individuals with IDD and various degrees of combined vision and hearing loss, such as  object symbols, basic tactual sign language, gestures, communication cards, picture cues and vibratory devices.  Participants will learn how and where to successfully use any and all of these so that staff as well as their peers can communicate and provide a life that offers true inclusion.

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