Webinar: Transition Age Youth and Young Adults

    May 14, 2019
    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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    This webinar has been canceled. Please join us during the Partners in Employment Summit taking place on June 4-5, 2019 to hear this presentation in-person! Registration information is available here.

    Join Colleagues and learn about issues and strategies for how providers, advocates and family member can understand how to assist Transition Age Youth and Young Adults (TAYYA) ages 16-25 with serious mental health conditions in completing secondary education and launching vocational and career opportunities

    Our speaker Evelyn Frankford has made her career about her passion to help youth and young adults, especially those that tend to be marginalized or excluded, find their way into satisfying and productive adult lives. 

    This webinar will offer the audience:

    1) Overview of dimensions of problem
    a. Personal issues that lead to dropping out or being pushed out
    b. Structural barriers: Mobility, lack of accommodation, school climate

    2) Overview of state of the art across mental health, education, vocational rehabilitation 
    a. What they have in common
    b. TIP as an organizing framework

    3) Concept of multiple pathways
    a. What state agencies do and don’t do
    b. Building bridges to create pathways

    4) The “Glue” - what makes it happen for TAYYA 
    a. Personal glue - Positive youth development – person-centered planning – having a relationship with the young person
    b. Systems glue – relationships with the school, vocational rehab, other resources – agency personnel as the people who navigate the systems - and perhaps change them - on behalf of the young adult.

    With New York’s commitment to Employment First, these students and young adults are valued and need to be assisted to build their career pathways to be a participant in the workforce. Join this webinar and learn how!