Enabling Tech Videos and Resources

    Assistive Technology Tutorials


    Smart Plug Guide (4:06)

    Derek Herzog shares a smart plug guide detailing brands, network protocols, and assistive technology applications.


    Assigning Custom Actions to a Switch on iOS (3:09)

    Derek Herzog offers a tutorial demonstrating how to set up an iPad and other equipment to perform custom actions with a switch.


    Audible Reminder Apps for iOS, Android & Alexa (2:00)

    Derek Herzog shows how you can set up reminders that your device will read aloud. It discusses how you can do this on Android, iOS, or any device that works with Alexa.


    Demonstrating Technology (1:18)

    Laurie Dale and Nick talk about how they use technology to empower people.


    Meet David (4:11)

    David is an accomplished young man who does not take no for an answer. This video shares the many ways enabling technology is assisting David in realizing his dream of one day building a log cabin for himself on some family property with his red pickup truck and coon dog by his side. SimplyHome


    Meet Steve (5:47)

    This video shares the many ways Steve was able to customize enabling technology to enhance his living situation in a Community Supported Living service model. SimplyHome


    Smart Device Accessibility Tutorials & Resources


    Windows 10 Accessibility - Part 1: Mouse & Cursor (3:42)
    Derek Herzog discusses most of the mouse and cursor accessibility options available in Windows 10, as of the version 1909 update.

    Windows Accessibility (Webpage)
    Find out how Windows accessibility features help you do more.

    Google Products

    Google Accessibility Products and Features (Webpage)
    Explore some of Google's accessibility features and products.

    Google Home Audio Accessibility Features (5:04)
    Learn more about how the Google Assistant can help people with disabilities get things done and gain more independence around the house.

    Chromebook Accessibility Features (2:53)
    A look at a few of the accessibility features built into Chromebooks, a tool to keep students included, engaged and informed throughout the learning process.

    Accessibility in G Suite (4:23)
    G Suite provides recommendations for browsers, screen readers, and Google Admin console settings to provide the best experience for G Suite users with disabilities.


    Android Accessibility Shortcut: Quickly Access Accessibility Features (2:45)
    Accessibility shortcuts make it easier and faster to turn on features like talkback, color inversion, and more.

    Android Accessibility: Live Transcribe (2:47)
    Imagine a world where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can have everyday in-person conversations, in real-time. Learn about this new app.

    How to Magnify Your Phone's Screen - For Android Devices (4:49)
    This video details how to turn on the magnification accessibility feature on your android device and how to use it.

    How to Zoom into Your Android Device by Changing Display Size (2:47)
    Use the Android Display Size setting to zoom into your phone with or without changing your font size or using magnification gestures.

    Accessibility Overview (Webpage)
    You can customize your Android device using accessibility settings and apps.


    iPhone Accessibility Resources (Webpage)
    The world’s most personal device was designed for every person. So a person who’s blind can take group selfies. A person who’s deaf can call Mom from overseas. And a person who can’t move from the neck down can send text messages to friends.


    ATECH's Group Homes, Independent Living & Smart Assistive Technology Webinar Resources


    Click on this link for the Full Recorded Webinar on YouTube: ATECH Group Homes, Independent Living & Smart Assistive Technology Webinar, April 2, 2020

    Click on this link for the Issues Checklist: Issues Checklist and Considerations from ATECH Group Homes, Independent Living and Smart Assistive Technology Webinar

    Click on this link for the Resources we discussed during the webinar: ATECH Assistive Technology Equipment Resources for Consideration During the COVID-19 Crisis & Beyond