About the Staff

    NY Alliance staff represents a wide range of talent and experience in the field of developmental disabilities as well as membership organization expertise. The organization prides itself on the personal attention that staff provide members. Please meet . . .

    Michael Seereiter, President & CEO

    Ann M. Hardiman, Chief Innovation Officer

    Kathleen P. Mayo, Chief Administrative Officer & Vice President of Government Affairs

    Ryan Cox, Vice President for Analytics and Financial Business Strategies

    Jennifer Ivery, Senior Director of Communications and Project Management

    Carol Napierski, Vice President of Program Development and Grant Management

    Kirsten Sanchirico, Senior Director of Workforce Advancement

    Jennifer Parsons, Assistant Director of Workforce Advancement

    Lisa A. Mount, Senior Director of Events, Business Relations & Administration

    Kate Connally, Director of Branding, Product Design & E-Learning

    Cathy Varano, Chief Program Officer, Managed Care Community of Practice

    Jill Dorsi, Employment Services
    Chris Liuzzo, Consultant
    Michelle Lortie, Accountant
    Joseph Macbeth, NADSP
    John Maltby, Consultant

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