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    NY Alliance Resources

    The NY Alliance is continuing to monitor the Covid-19 crisis and provide information in real-time. Included below are:

    • all updates provided to NY Alliance members on a near-daily basis through e-communications;

    • resources from NY Alliance Projects including the Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation (RCWT), the Managed Care Community of Practice (MC COP) and the NY Housing Resource Center (NYHRC); and

    • webinars the NY Alliance has held with pertinent and helpful information about the crisis.

    NY Alliance Appendix K Analysis SummaryThe NY Alliance is pleased to provide you with our analysis of the approved Appendix K to OPWDD's 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services Waiver.

    Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation Trainings & Discussions
    The Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation (RCWT) has begun a series of online learning and discussion sessions for connecting with the workforce during this time of crisis. All providers of services to people with disabilities are encouraged to attend these trainings and discussions.

    Managed Care Community of Practice Compendium & Webinars
    In order to make your search for up-to-date information simpler, the Managed Care Community of Practice (MC-COP) has compiled all official COVID-19 guidance and resources released to date. This page will be updated to include timely information as the crisis evolves. MC COP is also holding webinars in collaboration with OPWDD on several pertinent topics during this time. To register for these webinars or view recorded webinars, click here.

    New York Housing Resource Center (NYHRC) Resources
    The NYHRC has developed a list of helpful resources for people we support who live in the community and who are employed, have been laid off and have no income. Resources include information on: stimulus package & SSI participants, unemployment guides, food locators and SNAP, EITC, ISS, mental health.

    Paid Family Leave & FMLA Resources
    Employment Law & COVID-19 Webinar on March 26 - Presented by Shepard Mullin
    Employment Law & COVID-19 PART 2 on April 16 - Presented by Shepard Mullin

    SEMP Billing During COVID-19
    Webinar on March 27
     - Presented by NYS APSE, NY Alliance, CHSE, DDAWNY, CP of NYS, IAC, The Arc New York & Dowling Law PLLC
    Download Powerpoint

    COVID-19 Experiences from Providers for Providers
    Webinar on April 1 - Presented by AABR, FREE & Liberty Arc
    Download AABRs Powerpoint

    CARES Act: What You Need to Know
    Webinar on April 8 - Presented by the Small Business Administration & Great Tie Consulting
    Small Business Administration Payroll Protection Program (PPP) FAQ Document

    FREE Pandemic Preparedness Module Available through The College of Direct Support
    The NY Alliance continues to provide innovative ways to support the field during these challenging times and as such, we have worked with DirectCourse, a platform that provides online training modules through The College of Direct Support to bring a new Pandemic Preparedness module to the field. This module is now available free of charge to all providers in New York State. Click here to learn more.

    NY Alliance Updates to Members

    If you are a NY Alliance member and would like to receive this information directly, please email [email protected]. If you are not a member of the NY Alliance and would like to receive these updates, please email [email protected] to discuss options.

    July Updates

    July 17 - 1/1 and 4/1 DSP Increases, CARES Act Provider Relief Fund - Extension

    July 16 - Updated OPWDD Guidance Documents, OPWDD COVID-19 Data

    July 15Reminder - CFR 2-A Submission, NYDA Covid Data - Disability Scoop Article

    July 11OPWDD Reopening Policies Released, NY Post Opinion Piece - OPWDD Visitation Policies, Reminder - CARES Act Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund

    July 8Phase 2 Retainer Day Program - CMS Time Limitations, Governor's Executive Order 202.48, IRMA Training Powerpoint, DOH Visitation Guidance, OPWDD Data Update

    June Updates

    June 30DOH/DOL Guidance on Travel and Paid Sick Leave, NY Alliance - Re-Opening Risk Assessment Tool, Reminder - HHS Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund, CFR Filing Date Delayed, Reminder - Phase 2 Retainer Day Program Attestation

    June 26OPWDD Financial Sustainability Metrics, CARES Act - Medicaid/CHIP Relief Fund Advocacy
    June 26NYDA Covid-19 Data Collection, OPWDD Data Update, Infection Control Guidance - OMH Residential and Site Based Programs, OPWDD - CFR Guidance on Vacation Leave Accruals

    June 23CFR-2A, Additional Information from OPWDD - Visitation Guidelines

    June 18OPWDD Visitation Policy and Attestation, OPWDD Covid Data, HHS Webinar - Medicaid Provider Relief Fund

    June 18COM Hab-R Guidance, OMH Infection Control Guidance

    June 16Group Home Visitation Allowed Starting Friday, IRMA Data Entry for Covid-19

    June 12HHS Medicaid Provider Relief Fund - Additional Documents, Reporting of Non-Billable Days for Occupancy Adjustment Calculation, NYDA Response to Occupancy Factor Cuts

    June 10Executive Order - In-Person Special Education, Executive Order - Telehealth and Background Check Flexibility, CARES Act - Provider Relief Funding

    June 5 - Phase 2 Retainer Day - Com Hab-R and Base Costs, OPWDD Staff Return to Work Revised Guidance

    June 4 - Occupancy Adjustment Cuts, Paycheck Protection Program Update, Com Hab-R and Phase 2 Base Costs, OPWDD Data Update


    May Updates

    May 29 - Occupancy Adjustment Cuts, ACCES VR Orientation Sessions, OPWDD Webinar Announcement

    May 28 - Occupancy Adjustment Modifications, OPWDD COVID-19 Data, MC-COP Self Directed Services Webinar

    May 20OPWDD Phase 2 Retainer Day Attestation Document, Division of Quality Improvement - Covid-19 Audit Protocols

    May 19Reopening Requirements for I/DD Facilities with Business Operations, Employee Retention Credit for Those Who Did Not Qualify for PPP, Vocational Rehab Services

    May 18Covid-19 Data from OPWDD, DQI Enhanced Oversight Memo, Business Reopening Lookup Tool, NY Alliance Webinar - Getting the Workforce Back to the Workplace

    May 15MCCOP Supervised Residential Habilitation & Day Services Billing Webinar, Governor Cuomo Reopening Requirements, Governor Responds to Concerns Raised about OPWDD State Operated Homes

    May 12Reusable PPE Masks and Gowns, Executive Order 202.30, OMH Infection Control Guidance

    May 8 - OPWDD Phase II Retainer Program Changes Coming, #ApplaudDirectSupport - RCWT Video

    May 7 - FEMA - Public Assistance Applicant Briefing, Social and Emotional Intelligence Webinar Series, Covid-19 Data from OPWDD

    May 6 - Newsletter on Mental Health Resources, Governor Cuomo - EO 202.27, Workers Comp Classifications

    May 5 - OPWDD Oversight Plan, Additional PPP Guidance, Face Shield PPE Opportunity

    May 1 - OPWDD - Covid-19 Data, Updated Notification and IRMA Requirements, Covid Testing for Essential Workers, DOH - Updated Telehealth Guidance, OMH - Economic Impact Payment Guidance, Mental Health Association in NYS (MHANYS) - Free Webinar, Thank You

    April Updates

    April 29 - Draft Enhanced IRA Rates, Billing Guidance - OMH Clinic Programs, NYDA Survey, OPWDD Training on IRMA Inputs, OPWDD Regulations - Extended Treatment Units
    April 27 - Enhanced IRA Rates on OPA Website, Enacted Budget Financial Plan Update, Covid-19 Testing in Pharmacies, Covid-19 Testing Policy from DOH
    April 24 - Updated COVID-19 Data from OPWDD, PPE Responsibility in Self Direction, Revised Billing Guidance from OPWDD, Revised Staff Guidance - Training from OPWDD for Agency Managers, Nurses, and Training Staff, #ApplaudDirectSupport
    April 22 - Enhanced IRA Rates, New Federal Stimulus Bill, #ApplaudDirectSupport
    April 21#ApplaudDirectSupport, NYDA Survey Results
    April 20OPWDD Update, K Waiver Update, Federal Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights Bulletin
    April 17Appendix K Waiver Analysis, MC COP Telehealth Webinar, COVID-19 Data, Self-Directed Services, CCOs Letter on Care Manager’s Role
    April 16Executive Order 202.17, PPE Opportunity, MC COP Webinar Tomorrow - Telehealth, Sheppard Mullin Employment Webinar
    April 15Resident and Family Communications Guidance, New York Disability Advocates (NYDA) Survey, Telehealth Guidance - 4/10, Disability Rights New York (DRNY) Resources, OPWDD Releases Poster and Plain Language Guidance, NY Alliance Resource Page
    April 13 - Community Hab/Respite During School Day, OPWDD Background Check Guidance Documents, OPWDD Hospital Discharge Guidance, EO 202.16, DOH Drug Topic Guidance, Covid-19 Economic Impact Payments for SS and SSI Beneficiaries, NYC Residential - Congregate Care Job Portal
    April 11Contact Tracing and Guidelines for Containment Guidance for OPWDD, CARES Act - Main Street Lending Program, Telehealth Funding Opportunity, PPE Opportunity - Getem Innovations
    April 10MCCOP Appendix K Webinar, Updated Hospital Visitation Guidance, Updated Telehealth Guidance, BKD - CARES Act Webinar, Updated Covid-19 Data - Individuals with I/DD, Newsday Article, PPE Opportunity
    April 9New York Times Article, Appendix K Webinar, Self-Advocacy Association of NYS - Weekly Update
    April 8 - K Waiver Webinar, Governor Thanks Direct Care Workers, Regional Grant Opportunities - Covid-19 Crisis, Department of Health Updated Guidance, Covid-19 Data on Individuals with I/DD
    April 8 - 8AM Update - Letter from Provider Associations to Providers, CMS Approves NYS K Waiver (Retainer Days), MCCOP Day Services Retainer Day Webinar Announced for Thursday, April 9, Additional Face Shield PPE - Opportunity
    April 7 - Face Shields - PPE Available, State Education Department - Regents Exam Guidance, Fox 5 Interview - Bill Guarinello, Executive Order 202.14, Payroll Protection Program - Small Business Administration Loan
    April 6 - Appendix K/1135 Waiver, Emergency Response Template, OPWDD List of Non-Residential Providers, PPE Availability, CARES Act - PPP, Article on COVID-19, DOH PPE Guidance, NYS Budget, SSI Benefits and CARES Act Stimulus, Hospital Visitation Guidance - Forthcoming
    April 3 - Appendix K/1135 Waiver, Temporary Emergency Residential Capacity, Hospital Visitation, Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA), NYS Budget
    April 2 - Update Guidance from OPWDD (Return to Work, Home Isolation Release, Training and Recertification), NYS Budget Update, Social Security Payments, ACCES VR VR-370 Reports, Open Future Learning
    April 1 - Appendix K/1135 Waiver & Other Updates, MC COP Guidance Compendium, Small Business Administration - Manatt Webinar, DOH Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions, UI FAQ from CareDesign, Updated Return to Work Guidance, NY Alliance Webinar - Covid-19 Experiences from Providers for Providers, NYS Budget Update

    March Updates

    March 31 - IRMA Training, Updated OMH Documents, NY Alliance Webinars
    March 30 - K/1135 Waiver, OPWDD Issues Temporary Emergency Respite Capacity and Regional Office Crisis Response Contacts, EO 202.13, OMH Telemedicine Update, DOH Guidance Documents, APSE Update
    March 28 - Return to Work Guidance, Abbreviated Medication Training, Additional Guidance Forthcoming
    March 27 - K/1135 Waiver, Emergency Housing, Revised Emergency Templates from OPWDD, CAS, SEMP Webinar, EO 202.11
    March 26 - K/1135 Waiver, OMIG Rate Recoupments, Paid Family Leave - Employment Webinar & Resources, Back to Work Guidance
    March 25 - K/1135 Waiver, Fingerprinting Survey, Temp Site Capacity Survey, OPWDD Guidance, Suspension of Community Outings and Home Visits, OMH Update, Supportive Housing, NYC Non-Profit Assistance
    March 24 - K/1135 Waiver, Suspension of Community Outings and Home Visits, Abbrev. Training Requirements, Revised Family Care Guidance, FEMA Alerts, Reporting Price Gouging
    March 23 - K/1135 Waiver, OPWDD Survey, PFLA Webinar, ACCES VR - 30 Day Extension, OMH Telemental Health FAQs, ANCOR Letter to Amazon
    March 22-2 - K/1135 Waiver, PPE, Rate Recoupments, Limits on Residential Home Visits, Day Hab and Other Available Sites Survey, Fingerprinting
    March 22 - K/1135 Waiver Update
    March 21 - Telehealth Guidance, Housing and Workforce Update, DSP's as Essential Workforce, PPE Availability
    March 20 - K/1135 Waiver Update, Family Care Services Guidance, Essential Business Notice
    March 19-2 - Revised Covid-19 Phone Notification Requirements for OPWDD Providers
    March 19 - K/1135 Update, Excel Template Ext, CFR Submission Deadline, Updated OMH Telehealth Guidance, Covid-19 Infections Phone Reporting Directions, Comm Hab Guidance, No Visitation Poster, Federal Emergency Bill, NYC Human Service Workers Update
    March 18 - EO 202.5 Explained & OPWDD Guidance Documents
    March 18 - DSPs - Essential Health Workers, K Waiver, PPE, Fingerprinting Requirements, OPWDD Guidance Documents, EO 202.5
    March 17 - Program Closures, Family Messaging, Appendix K, VR Services
    March 16 - Trainings on Containment Measures MCTAC/CTAC Telemental Health Guidance Webinar & Q&A Session 
    March 16 - Day Program Closures, K Waiver, PPE Challenges, Incident MGMT Unit, Financial Advocacy
    March 16 - Reimbursement for Non-Face-to-Face Meetings, K Waiver Development, Program Closures
    March 15 - Telemedicine, Programmatic Changes, 1915K Application
    March 14 - NYC: PPE Supplies Request Form
    March 14 - Emergency Operations Centers Contact Information
    March 14 - Begin to Develop Plans for Closing Day Programs
    March 13 - Ongoing Guidance and Executive Order 202.1
    March 11 - Initial Guidance Documents
    March 10 - Letter from Commissioner Kastner