Person-Centered Thinking & Person-Centered Planning

    What is Person-Centered Thinking?

    An evolution in human services, person-centered thinking (PCT) helps organizations worldwide to succeed by fully integrating people in their own social care - not as a problem to be "fixed," but as the best source for identifying interests, preferences and desires that, when integrated into their own social care, can lead to positive control over a full and meaningful life. 

    Person-Centered Thinking is a set of values, skills and tools used in Person-Centered Planning and in the personalization of services used by people who need supports provided by social or health care. Person-Centered Thinking is commonly described as “the foundation of person centered planning.”

    What is Person-Centered Planning?

    Planning from a person-centered perspective seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual. It is a process directed by the person that helps us to learn how they want to live and describes what supports are needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive. The planning process empowers the person by building on their individual abilities and skills, building a quality lifestyle that supports the person in finding ways to contribute to their community.

    Upcoming Training Opportunities

    Better outcomes based on a deeper understanding of personal interests and desires

    Better lives for people empowered to share their gifts and live on their own terms

    Better results for managers and facilitators, including renewed purpose and satisfaction

    Trainer Profile:

    Kirsten Sanchirico of the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation will present the Person-Centered Thinking and Planning trainings offered at The Center for Innovation and Learning. Learn more about Kirsten here!